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Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your pregnancy, you are not alone! As your baby is developing within you, you can be preparing yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually for the birth of your child.
At the Center, you become eligible to receive maternity clothes,  newborn baby items,  diapers, childrens clothing, diaper bags, bottles, blankets, infant formula and baby food, new and previously-owned infant equipment and carseats when you attend classes. Our classes provide a perfect opportunity to ask all the questions you may have about your pregnancy, child birth, and parenting.
There is never a charge for these items, our classes or other services.
Our classes are offered as opportunities to learn more about pregnancy, stages of the baby, delivery, breast feeding and parenting. We also offer Bible Study classes.
Other services
Pregnancy Test
Confidential Peer Mentoring
Pregnancy and Fetal Development Information
Abortion Alternative Information
Post-Abortion Counseling
Abstinence Education/STD information
Community Resource Information
Adoption Information
We are a crisis intervention agency providing peer consultation and practical help.  The consultation provided is not intended as a substitute for professional counseling, medical or prenatal care.

HELP Pregnancy Care Center

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Tuesday and Wednesday

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10:00 am to 5:00 pm 

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HELP Pregnancy Care Center

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