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Types of Abortions

Suction Curettage.
The cervix (mouth of the womb) is dilated, or opened. A suction curette (hollow tube with a knife-like edge) is inserted into the womb. A strong suction tears the baby from the womb, and pulls it through the sharp edge and into the tube. The mutilated infant is drawn into a container in pieces.
Sometimes the cervix is damaged during dilation, because it is closed tightly during pregnancy to protect the baby. In addition, great care must be used to prevent the womb from tearing during suction, and the pieces of the infant are carefully examined afterward to ensure no body parts are left in the womb.

Dilation and Curettage (D&C).
Similar to the suction method. Instead of a hollow tube, a loop-shaped knife (curette) is inserted into the womb which cuts the baby apart and scrapes it out through the cervix.

Step One: A steroid drug is taken by mouth which either destroys the placenta or prevents it from being formed. (A baby in the womb cannot live without a healthy, living placenta.) Step Two: A second drug called a prostaglandin is taken by mouth. This drug makes the uterus, or womb, contract and push the body of the baby out through the vagina.
This process occurs over a period of 9-10 days and is accompanied by cramping and bleeding like that of a heavy period. In a small percentage of women, some fetal tissue remains and surgical abortion is required.


All three of the above procedures carry the risk of heavy bleeding, even to the point of death.

Warning: Patient Rights Information
If you choose to have an abortion, it is important that you do not sign any waiver excusing or releasing the doctor, his or her assistants, and/or the clinic from claims coming from the operation or anything else they do. Although these waivers will not protect the doctor or clinic, they may be try to use it against you later to keep you or your family from taking legal action. You should refuse to sign such waivers, and do not let anyone sign one for you.
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