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Does anybody understand?


Are you pregnant, or do you think you might be?  Wondering what to do or where to turn?  You are not alone.  There is hope!


Facing an unexpected pregnancy can seem overwhelming.  You may be experiencing some uncertainty, confusion, anxiety, fear-and maybe even a little wonder.  Knowing where to turn for information and help is important.  You'll want to talk to someone you can trust-like caring People at HELP Pregnancy Care Center.




We want to give you true information and answers to the questions running through your mind.  We offer free and confidential pregnancy test to women of all ages, along with many services to help you--no matter what you decide.  The HELP Pregnancy Care Center does not perform abortions, nor do we provide abortion referrals.


Ultimately you are the only one who can make a decision about your body and the life of your baby.  When you contact us, you allow us to come along side you and empower you to make a educated choice.  You and your baby deserve that:  You let us help you.


Contact us today and make an appointment.

We respect your right to privacy.

All communication is confidential.  And all our services are free.

Walk-ins welcome.

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Tuesday and Wednesday

10:00 am until 3:00 pm



10:00 am until 5:00 pm


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HELP Pregnancy Care Center

Phone:  606.348.1981


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